Lavender Rain

Book Three of the Serenity Cover Series: Romance and family drama intertwine in the small town of Serenity Cove.


At twenty-nine. Magnolia “Maggie” Delatorre's serene life is thrown into chaos. A marriage proposal from Pastor Jim gives her much to ponder. But when her college sweetheart moves to Serenity Cove, gossip on the street heats up with rumors of Nick Callahan and Maggie together again. Now, she must decide between becoming a pastor's wife and rekindling the flame from the past.


But that's not the biggest challenge. The defining moment in her life comes as she listens to Doc’s diagnosis, and cringes at what she views as a death sentence.


The storms in Maggie’s life will test the depth of her faith and heart. Finding a faint thread of hope is difficult. Can Maggie cling to her faith and learn to trust God in a bigger way than she ever thought possible?


“For lo, the winter is past. The rain is gone. The flowers appear on the earth:The time of singing has come. And the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.” —Song of Solomon 2:11-12 


Maggie did a quick dance step as she closed the door of her red convertible, still singing along to a favorite tune. She waved to Catylen, the manager of the new Serenity Artisan Gallery, next door to Magnolia Antiques.

“Hi.” Catylen, tossed her a smile, then returned to helping a man unload what looked to be artwork from the back of an SUV.

Awareness startled Maggie’s breathing—there was something about the man. The way he moved, the way he tilted his head, the way he laughed. She knew that laugh. No. It couldn’t be.

He turned, as though feeling her eyes on him. She couldn’t see the color of his eyes, yet she knew. She remembered the warm golden brown eyes that now held hers, with the same recognition that had her holding her breath. This man who had once captured her heart jogged over and swept her up in his arms. Every nerve in her body seemed to go numb with his warm embrace.

“It is you.” His sexy baritone voice slid flutters down her spine, as his gaze moved over her in appreciation.

“Nick.” She stepped back, resisting the temptation to see if her lips still fit his, perfectly. “What’re you doing here?” She fought the urge to brush strands of dark hair from his brow and run her fingers— Stop it.

He motioned to the artisan shop, where Catylen watched with a confused look on her face. “My photography is being displayed.”

“The gallery only exhibits local artists.” With his magnetic charm, he could have easily convinced Catylen to showcase his work. Even in college, he was brilliant behind a camera.

“I live about five miles up the coast.” He pointed in the direction of Maggie’s seaside Victorian.

“You bought the Walker’s place?” The property bordered the same eight-mile strip of private beach that several homes, including Maggie’s, shared. Even in her darkest grief, she’d never allowed herself to believe she would see Nick again, and now they were nearly neighbors?

“That’s the one.” He tilted his head with that irresistible boyish grin of his. “Can I interest you in dinner?” The band of his sleeves wrapped around his muscular arms and his jeans—

Maggie shook her head to clear unwanted memories. She pushed her hand into her pocket and clutched the solitaire ring she’d place there earlier for safekeeping, although it had little to do with her hesitation. “Don’t think so.”

“Not curious?” He fingered one of her coppery curls.

She had curiosity. But even old scars could be painful. She’d once fought for their relationship. Now every neuron she possessed alerted her to keep her distance. “We had this conversation—years ago.”

“Things change.” Nick leaned in and kissed her cheek, then sauntered back to his SUV.

Maggie touched the heat radiating from the imprint of his lips, and followed him with her eyes. With effort, she pried her-self away and unlocked the door of her shop.


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