Lavender Rain, Maggie's Story


Book Three of the Serenity Cover Series:  

Welcome back to Serenity Cove... Rediscover the romances and friendships of this small beach town as the storms in Maggie's life test the depth of her faith and heart.

At twenty-nine. Magnolia “Maggie” Delatorre's serene life is thrown into chaos. A marriage proposal from Pastor Jim gives her much to ponder. But when her college sweetheart moves to Serenity Cove, gossip on the street heats up with rumors of Nick Callahan and Maggie together again. Now, she must decide between becoming a pastor's wife and rekindling the flame from the past.


But that's not the biggest challenge. The defining moment in her life comes as she listens to Doc’s diagnosis, and cringes at what she views as a death sentence.


The storms in Maggie’s life will test the depth of her faith and heart. Finding a faint thread of hope is difficult. Can Maggie cling to her faith and learn to trust God in a bigger way than she ever thought possible?

“For lo, the winter is past. The rain is gone. The flowers appear on the earth:The time of singing has come. And the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.” —Song of Solomon 2:11-12